Use Qwitter

Qwitter is a new web application that is creating a stir among Twitter. The concept is simple: sign up for Qwitter and it will notify you when one of your Twitter followers unfollows you. Qwitter also claims to show you the specific tweet that caused the tragic unfollowing. I won’t get into the technicalities, but this is not entirely accurate.

I signed up for Qwitter to test it out (how else would I get the research I needed for this post?!) and I have to say I’m not too impressed. People want different experiences from their use of Twitter. Thus, you shouldn’t be offended or take it personally if someone unfollows you. They may be unfollowing you for different reasons that have nothing to do with your tweet (another post for another day). What is the point of knowing who decides to unfollow you? Will you hunt them down and ask them why they unfollowed you? Will you cry into your pillow at night? Will this affect what you tweet? Will you stare at your following/follower ratio and contemplate life in 140 characters?

Ask yourself one thing when you tweet: are you tweeting for yourself or to please others? I am 100% myself on all the social networks I’m on. If someone wants to unfollow me or unfriend (defriend?) me through a social network because of something I said, we probably wouldn’t sit down for a cup of coffee offline anyway.

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