Corporate Social Media Policies — a necessary beast.

speechAs social media is being adopted as a channel of communication for brands, consumers and no longer consumers and brands are no longer brands. Everybody is a somebody and we’re all just people. But one aspect of social media that businesses often forget is their corporate/employee social media policy.

Take for example, a waiter in Los Angeles who was fired over a message he sent on Twitter. Sure his tweet was a tad on the snarky side. Was it necessary? No. Was it his opinion? Yes. Do we now live in an age where one tweet or status update from an employee could cause a domino effect of angry customers and stakeholders? Yes. Even on their personal accounts? YES!

Having a corporate social media policy will not only protects a business from anything an employee says online but also can protect reputations. I also think having a social media policy can also empower employees to adopt social media because employees know where the lines are drawn and understand what they explicitly can or cannot say — no confusion = more confidence.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Tim Morgan

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